Catalyst Power Announces Bill Kinneary as New Executive Vice President of Project Development

Industry Veteran Brings Decades of Experience and Expertise: Catalyst Expanding Project Development Capability

New York, N.Y., March 6, 2023 -- Catalyst Power Holdings LLC ("Catalyst Power"), an integrated provider of cleaner energy solutions for the commercial and industrial sector, has announced industry veteran Bill Kinneary as the company’s new Executive Vice President of Project Development. Kinneary will oversee the company’s work to develop clean energy projects for commercial and industrial customers. Catalyst Power’s cleaner energy solutions allow companies to reduce energy costs, monetize their roof, meet sustainability goals, and ensure energy resilience. 

“We’re thrilled to be adding Bill to the Catalyst team at this important time for the sector. The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act has created significant opportunities for businesses to generate new revenue, hedge against volatile fossil fuel prices, and reduce their environmental impact with clean energy solutions,” said Gabe Phillips, CEO of Catalyst Power. “Bill understands the market and those opportunities as well as anyone in the industry.” 

Bill Kinneary, Advisor, Catalyst Power

Bill Kinneary

Bill has held positions of CEO, President, and Senior Vice President in five retail energy companies over the last twenty-two years. This is preceded by many years at a major New York City natural gas utility where he served as the General Manager of rates and regulation, customer service, and gas supply, as well as the Manager of computer programming, fleet services, and emergency gas leak response. Bill has a significant level of technical expertise in all retail energy company business processes. He is well known in the industry due to his multiple chairmanships of the National Energy Marketers Association Executive Committee and his continuing service on the Energy Marketing Conferences Advisory Board.

Catalyst Power develops innovative cleaner energy supply solutions for commercial and industrial companies across the Northeast. The company utilizes their proprietary technology platform to provide a fresh perspective on data to identify, underwrite, fund, and provide solutions to customers while operating more cost-effective onsite energy projects for our retail energy clients. Catalyst’s suite of solutions includes Connected Microgrids, onsite solar, rooftop leasing, EV Charging, retail clean energy, and community solar. 

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Catalyst Power Holdings LLC is an independent, integrated provider of cleaner energy solutions for the commercial and industrial sector through commercial energy, customized Connected Microgrid solutions, and community solar to underserved middle-market commercial and industrial end-use customers, improving the overall efficiency and environmental impact of their supply. Catalyst Power is a portfolio company of BP Energy Partners, LLC. More info:

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