ENERGYMATTERS2U Podcast Featuring Catalyst Power CEO Gabe Phillips

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Catalyst Power CEO Gabe Phillips recently sat down with ENERGYMATTERS2U podcast hosts Ron Gillooly and Leo Ryan to discuss all things energy! The trio did a deep dive into customer energy consumption, the education gap in understanding the power market, demystifying utilities, and more. Listeners also get great insight into just how Catalyst Power takes care of the middle-market customer. Below, you will find a few excerpts from their conversation.  
You can listen to the full episode here:  

The interview below has been edited for brevity.   

On the educational gap in the commercial and industrial energy space: 

“The energy solutions marketplace has spent a lot of time educating residential consumers and a ton of time educating, you know, the world of public companies and universities and municipalities, right? It's everybody in between that has been completely left behind. At your home, if you're an independent manufacturer in upstate New York, you have more options for going solar, implementing energy efficiency, and doing all these other measures that reduce your carbon footprint, economically, than you do at your business. And that is crazy to us at Catalyst [Power]. So, the educational gap is significant in the corporate world, that's independently owned. There's no one spending time on it. So, we need simple solutions that lead first with economic value, both upfront and long term for our customers, to get and keep their attention with respect to decarbonization.” 

“I've always viewed my job both here at Catalyst [Power] and before, partially as demystifying what's happening in the way that we consume and pay for energy in America.” 

On what Catalyst Power does for the customer: 

“And so, the way we deliver on decarbonization efforts to our customers is by starting off as their retail supplier—that makes us relevant to them. That gives us insights about how they consume, what they consume and what it costs them so that we can make suggestions to them that will reduce their expense and decarbonize them at the same time.” 

On Catalyst Power’s Connected Microgrid ® solution: 

“We call it our Connected Microgrid product because it's connected to the grid. It's a microgrid, it's on-site. There's load and balancing happening, but we're not islanding them from the utility. And that's key that we call it a Connected Microgrid. You are connected to the grid still, so there's literally no operational change that you'll ever experience.” 

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