How Community Solar Programs Can Help Property Owners Save Money on Energy Bills

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So, you’ve just looked at your utility bill and it’s higher than it was last month. But how? The thing about energy pricing is that it’s volatile and subject to change. There are markets, geopolitical events, extreme weather, you name it! However, that’s not for a property owner to figure out—you bring in the experts. That’s why Catalyst Power puts all its energy (see what we did there) behind ensuring you get the best pricing possible, and that includes our sustainable products and services. One resource you can always tap into is the sun. We use a lot of our advanced technology towards maximizing the sun’s impact to power your business.  

Enter Community Solar. 

Our free subscription-based service is designed to offset the cost of your energy bill. Our off-site community solar program transfers the solar array's energy to you and your neighbors, resulting in a discounted monthly utility bill (savings are typically up to 10%).  

Here’s how it works: we subscribe your building to a local solar farm in your community and once the solar array goes live, you start earning solar credits that appear on your bill, and the savings begin right away. Sounds pretty simple, right? That’s because it is! 

We know that ruminating over energy costs isn’t the most efficient use of your time. Including community solar in your energy plans saves you both time and money—two things a property owner always needs more of. The solar credits you earn off the energy you produce from the solar array don’t replace your utility; you are not trading one source of energy for another. On the contrary, they work with your utility to keep your lights on and your bill low. It’s important to note you earn a great discount, but also know that your energy supply is never at risk of outages when you use solar. You’re still connected to the grid; Catalyst Power is just saving your bottom line in the process.  

Subscribing to a community solar program is a cost-efficient, consumer-friendly option for businesses that don’t want to install solar panels on their roof or property. You get the bonus of saving your environment (yay, carbon-free!) without the fuss of maintaining the solar array. Your building now partially runs off renewable energy (remember, it doesn’t replace your utility) and gets new electricity bill savings. Solar adoption reduces your company's dependency on traditionally generated electricity and supports the transition away from fossil fuels. 

Now that you know your energy supply is safe and sound with Catalyst Power, you cut costs on your electricity bill, and earn great savings, what’s the next step? Subscribe today to Catalyst Power’s Community Solar Program

Contact us and we will throw in a complimentary solar analysis of your property. We look forward to showing you how much money you will save by partnering with us.

While You’re Here. 

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