The Advantages of Bundling Services with a Retail Electricity Provider

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There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your business’s energy needs. As a mid-market business owner, you have the option to take a more versatile approach and bundle products and services how you like, and that’s where we come in. Catalyst Power is an integrated energy service provider that offers a range of innovative, sustainable energy supply solutions for its commercial and industrial customers. The beauty of distributed generation deployment is the flexibility it provides; there are multiple angles a company can take when considering the task of cultivating a new business energy strategy. 

So, what does that look like? Our CEO Gabe Phillips addressed how mid-market businesses can combine our products for the most return in the New York Business Leaders podcast:  

“Ultimately, we [can provide] them with three products: retail electricity for the balance of their needs that are not produced by the solar array, solar production from our solar array that we own and operate on their rooftops, and then a community solar subscription that helps to offset their costs on the remaining power that they’re not receiving from our solar array.” 

How Our Services Work Together  

Commercial Retail Electricity – this is high on the list of where to start when cutting costs. Not only do we offer custom-priced commercial energy and net-zero natural gas packages, but each pricing model offers its own unique benefits. For example, a Balanced Portfolio is a blended mix of our Market Flex and Fixed Rate pricing plans, so you can combine the qualities of our retail energy packages to tailor a plan to your business's needs.

Rooftop Leasing – Although the energy is sold elsewhere, rooftop leasing is a great opportunity to combine our commercial retail electricity (which cuts your costs) with extra income. That’s right—we’ll get you energy savings and send you a monthly payment to lease your unused rooftop space (repairs included if needed). We build, own, and operate all our solar arrays at no cost to you, so you’ll be able to reap the benefits of rooftop solar without having to foot the bill for its maintenance. 

Community Solar – our off-site community solar program is a free subscription-based service that offsets the cost of your energy bill. Typically, community solar projects are Utility Consolidated Billing (UCB) so the discount is applied directly into each month's bill. For those who are interested in solar but do not have the roof space - or those just interested in a free monthly discount - community solar is for you. Imagine how much more you’ll save by combining community solar with one of our custom-priced commercial retail electricity plans! 

Connected Microgrid: Nothing brings it all together quite like the Connected Microgrid, our premiere on-site solar solution. We install a combination of solar panels and batteries on your property while maintaining your connection to the larger power grid. The Connected Microgrid lowers your electricity costs and offers your business long-term budget certainty. You also reduce your building’s carbon emissions and protect your business from potential power outages. It’s all you need rolled up into one product! Your building is directly consuming green energy produced on-site, so you can claim ESG goal achievement. 

Your bottom line could benefit from a multi-tiered approach, making the most out of your time and money. 

Before You Go 

Even when choosing the best pricing options for your business, it’s important to remember what global dynamics are at play. In our latest video, our CEO covers how your business is currently impacted by market volatility and how you can reduce your exposure to it in just three minutes. 

Now that you understand how to take control of your energy goals, contact one of our energy experts today through our online portal and we’ll get you a complimentary solar analysis to get you started!