4 Ways to Save Money with a Connected Microgrid

connected microgrid

Powering your business comes with a price tag. While energy expenses can’t be avoided, there are certainly measures you can take to reduce your spending. With a Connected Microgrid through Catalyst Power, savings come in many forms. All you have to do is take a single step.

In a sentence, a Connected Microgrid ® is an installation of solar panels on your property that allows you to generate and utilize solar energy on-site. And it has the… power… to provide some major financial advantages for your business.

A Connected Microgrid can:

Reduce Your Energy Spending Immediately

When you bring solar energy production to your building, the financial benefits kick in right away. You’ll be able to start purchasing solar power at affordable rates as soon as your Connected Microgrid starts generating on-site energy. Each month, you’ll see a portion of your spending on traditional energy replaced by a lower solar energy expense.

Insulate Against Spiking Energy Prices

If energy prices are on your mind right now, you’re certainly not alone. Power costs have continued to shift unpredictably over the last several weeks, and—we hate to be the bearers of bad news—this won’t be the last time you’ll see erratic behavior from traditional energy markets.

Fortunately, a Connected Microgrid offers a way to insulate your energy spending against future fluctuations. (Ensuring you have a more reliable sense of your energy prices is so important to us, we’ve made budget certainty one of Catalyst Power’s four core principles.) When you decide to bring a Connected Microgrid to your property and sign a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), you’re also locking in energy prices for the length of your lease. That means you’ll know exactly how to forecast a portion of your energy spending for many years ahead, no matter how the markets are behaving.

Prevent Costly Power Outages

Losing power at an unexpected moment can have serious—and seriously expensive—effects on your daily operations, from crippling essential technology infrastructure to jeopardizing temperature-sensitive products. With an on-site power source, you’re bringing energy production much closer to home, reducing your reliance on the larger grid, and insuring yourself against the loss of time and money to future power outages.

Ensure You’re Meeting Consumer Expectations

This benefit may sound more conceptual than the rest, but we can assure you that a decision to adopt greener practices now will end up saving you very real money down the road.

Sustainable business practices matter more than ever to consumers. A Nielsen study indicated two in three people would be willing to spend more money on products and services from sustainable sources. Another study shows that nearly half of consumers in the United States look to spend with companies that align with their own values. (Here, environmental responsibility ranks among their top three considerations.) And a greater awareness toward sustainable practices isn’t limited to customers. Employees are also taking notice: Meaningful moves toward sustainability have begun to play an important role in attracting and retaining talent.

Greater willingness to spend. Increased brand loyalty. Lower employee turnover. All of these concepts reach beyond the pages of a business school textbook to deliver significant impact on your bottom line. Each metric is affected by a company’s commitment to environmental responsibility more than ever before, and if current trends continue, active steps toward sustainability will soon be a requirement for any business that wants to succeed. With a Connect Microgrid, you’ll be ahead of the curve.

Bonus: Access a Connected Microgrid at No Cost

When you make the decision to bring a Connected Microgrid to your property, it’ll be built, owned, and maintained by Catalyst Power at no cost to you. That means there’s no additional investment required on your end in order to access all of the above benefits, and you never have to worry about spending money on upkeep in the future. It’s all covered in the terms of your agreement.

Another(!) Bonus: Preserve the Planet

Sorry… we’re just really passionate about this stuff. We don’t have any studies to back up this point, but we’re pretty sure there’s no better place for your business than right here on our beautiful earth. Your commitment to clean energy production will help keep it that way.