Easing Energy Spending with Solar Solutions

Easing Energy Spending with Solar Solutions

Easing Energy Spending with Solar Solutions

If you’ve recently checked the headlines, driven a car, or paid a bill, it’ll come as no surprise: Energy prices have skyrocketed. And unfortunately, there’s no guaranteed relief in sight.

For business owners, it all translates to unpredictable energy expenditures and unprecedented financial pressures. If it’s enough to have you searching for the relief valve, you’re not alone—and the good news is that a solution may be within closer reach than you think.

Here’s how (and when) you can tap into consistent savings through a tailored solar solution and guard your bottom line against future fluctuations in energy prices.

Implementing a Connected Microgrid

A Connected Microgrid brings solar energy production to your property with no upfront costs for installation or operations, providing sustainable power and reducing your overall energy bill.

We think it’s a benefit that bears repeating, so we’ll say it again—with a Connected Microgrid, solar panels installed on your property are built, owned, and operated at no cost to you. Then, as soon as they’re up and running, these panels will deliver immediate savings. The sustainable energy you’re generating stays right on your property, reducing your reliance on extraneous (and expensive) resources required by a larger power grid. You will then have the opportunity to purchase this power from catalyst power through a power purchase agreement.

Because a Connected Microgrid involves panels being installed on your property, this approach is most likely the right fit if you own your building or are in a very long-term lease—think 20 years or more. When you’re ready to get started, it typically takes 6 to 12 months for a Connected Microgrid to get up and running after signing a Power Purchase Agreement. (In other words, you could be reaping the rewards and watching your energy spending drop by this time next year.)

Even better, those benefits will be locked in for the long term, so you’ll be able to rely on guaranteed energy savings and budget confidently without concern for future spikes.

Connecting to Community Solar

If you’re not calling the shots on behalf of your physical building, Community Solar may be the right move. To put it in the simplest possible terms, it’s a subscription to a local solar farm that is guaranteed to reduce your monthly spending. (Your move, Netflix.)

It really is that straightforward: When you choose Community Solar, Catalyst Power will subscribe your business to a local solar farm being built in your area. You'll start receiving the bill credits from the solar farm as soon as it begins generating energy. These credits translate directly to guaranteed savings on your monthly energy bill, with savings typically up to 10%.

You’ll start saving as soon as your selected solar farm goes live. Demand is high for participation in Community Solar projects, and is limited by the amount of solar credits available in each utility footprint each year, so the decision to sign up sooner will get you connected faster. (After all, the end result is a reduction in energy costs that you can rely on over the long term. Why wait?)

Whether you choose a Connected Microgrid or prefer to tap into a Community Solar project in your area, you’ll be taking advantage of immediate savings and long-term budget certainty to make your business more resilient in the face of volatile energy markets. You’ll also enjoy protection against future outages (since you’ll be bringing the energy source closer to your business) and the knowledge that you’re directly supporting power systems that are better for the planet—added benefits that are pretty hard to ignore.