Carbon Emissions Are Going Up, Here’s How We Bring Them Down

Untitled design (1)Recently, the New York Times reported that greenhouse gas emissions increased by 1.3 percent in 2022. This isn’t great news for our planet considering renewable energy finally surpassed coal power nationwide for the first time in decades. Thanks to unpredictable events like war and a global pandemic, the gap between where we are and the carbon-free future we hope to achieve isn’t closing soon enough.  

The problem: 

According to a recent report published by the Rhodium Group, the U.S. is slowly losing momentum in its race to meet President Biden’s energy goal of slashing the country’s greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. This ambitious target is to reduce the U.S.’s dependency on fossil fuels and increase our usage of renewable energy.  

The purpose of Biden’s energy target is to beat the clock against the planet’s rapidly declining defenses against global warming. The risk of climate change is very real, with scientists forewarning the threat of heat waves, combined with food and water scarcity.  

But the solution is right in front of us.  

Here’s what you can do: 

The truth is that mid-market businesses are the future of clean energy.  

One of the best ways the U.S. can decarbonize its buildings is by investing in its commercial sector with long-term, sustainable solutions. “They're the engine of our economy. They're the biggest employers in the country. And lo and behold, they're one of the biggest emitters of carbon in the country as well.” Says Catalyst Power CEO Gabe Phillips on the New York Business Leaders podcast 

There are more opportunities to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions when you think of the amount of available, unused rooftop space that can contribute to decarbonization. Much of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions come courtesy of homes and buildings—commercial buildings that represent 39% of the country’s total energy consumption and 75% of all electricity used in the U.S., according to a report from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. If we actively focus our efforts on reducing that percentage, the 2050 net-zero goal won’t seem so farfetched. 

Here’s how Catalyst Power can help: 

Catalyst Power has an integrated approach to mid-market energy needs and offers several products for your business. We provide retail electricity and net-zero natural gas packages, and after analyzing your consumption patterns, we offer custom pricing to give you the best energy supply solution for your company. You reduce the risk of volatile pricing without sacrificing your bottom line.   

Modifying how much of your power source comes from renewable energy will also have a positive impact on our environment and helps us stave off the threat of excessive carbon emissions. When you choose to get a free community solar subscription through Catalyst Power, you create budget certainty for your business and sustainability for your community. All you have to do is subscribe your business to a local solar farm and you’ll start receiving credits from the solar array as it generates power. Those credits transfer to your energy bill and save you up to 10% of your total spending each month. We ran through all the facts on community solar here. 

You can also monetize your roof with a rooftop solar lease. Most commercial properties have a ton of valuable rooftop space right above them that could be earning them money every month. Catalyst Power pays you to lease your space and the energy is sold elsewhere.  

More solar deployment is our best shot at saving the environment. There are no upfront costs with Catalyst Power products and services, and we install and maintain all the equipment for you. You get paid and earn savings, and all of this is because you see the benefits of diversifying your energy strategy. With so many ways to win, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for more information.