Energy Budget Certainty in the Current Labor Market

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As the so-called Hot Labor Summer has shifted into Brisk Labor Fall, many companies big and small are reckoning with the renewed public interest in and affinity for laborers and unions. From the Hollywood writers and actors walking the picket lines from NY to LA demanding their share of streaming profits to UPS Drivers getting mandated air conditioning in their trucks (how was this not a thing before??) along with all their other demands, to the United Auto Workers’ walkouts throughout the country, workers are using their collective bargaining power (and sheer numbers) to assert their value to their employers.  

The relevance to business owners should be obvious: the cost of labor is variable. It ebbs and flows with the market and at the whim of public opinion and political landscape just like any other business expense. Of course, labor costs involve human beings which separates them from inanimate, impersonal factors like rent and energy. However, retaining excellent employees provides a much more significant and variable ROI than other guaranteed corporate costs.  

In our line of business, the wonderful world of energy, we want it to be clear where our investment lies—while you’re in the business of running your business, we’re in the business of running solar. All this to say that identifying areas in which your business can lock down guaranteed rates empowers you to be more flexible in other areas of expenditure. Simply: if you can spend less and consistently in some areas, you can invest more deeply in your people. This is why opting for an all-stop-shop energy service provider like us could help you avoid the hassles of owning solar. Owning your own solar assets without prior industry knowledge leaves you wide open to expensive operation and maintenance costs, including: 

  • Replacements 
  • Warranties 
  • Wiring  
  • Corrosion 
  • Rate tariffs and market regulations  

With our Connected Microgrid solution, not only will you see a return on your investment (it’s technically infinite!), but your business’ energy usage could be a reliably consistent expense. With Catalyst Power’s Connected Microgrid, installation is free (we’ll cover the labor costs on this one) and we’ll build, own, and operate the system so your company reaps all of the benefits with none of the added effort. You’ll be generating renewable energy on-site which will not only help you attract younger, climate-conscious employees, but it will also reduce your monthly energy bills and help you avoid peak costs.   

Our Connected Microgrid is a behind-the-meter solar solution that grants businesses security across the board. It protects your business from costly power outages and reinforces budget certainty. Let our Energy Experts help with the power, you focus on the people.