How Connected Microgrids Can Help Businesses Save Money on Energy Costs

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What’s going to get you immediate savings, budget certainty, and outage protection for your building, and still help you create a positive environmental impact? 

Catalyst Power's innovative distributed generation product, the Connected Microgrid ®, provides it all. It’s a behind-the-meter solar solution that lets your business directly consume the renewable solar energy produced on your property - without the financial risks of owning the solar array. Think of it like this—our Connected Microgrid is a fortress protecting your business from brownouts, high peak costs, and volatile market changes, all while reducing your building’s output of carbon emissions and overall energy costs.  

It's the “crown jewel” of our products and services, embodying all four pillars of our company values. It can shave off high-energy peaks and lower the cost it takes to power your business. Who doesn’t love saving money? You get a premium product while we own, operate, and maintain the array and/or generator for you, all at our own cost. 

So, how does a Connected Microgrid save you money on energy costs? Since the Connected Microgrid is on-site solar generation, we install a combination of custom-sized solar panels, add-on batteries optional, so that your business can draw directly from the power produced. Your energy costs don’t stand a chance against this kind of protection because our Connected Microgrid is designed to generate and deliver electricity on its own. When you partner with Catalyst Power, you become a self-sufficient business owner with a powerhouse supplier to support your commercial property! 

Judging by recent events (we’re looking at you Canada), it’s more important than ever to prepare your business for unexpected climate changes. A common misconception about the Connected Microgrid is that it replaces your traditional energy supply—that’s not true. Our Connected Microgrid is never islanded, so your energy supply is never at risk. In addition to securing your energy savings, we want your business to be operational in the face of environmental challenges. Any gaps will be filled in by traditional energy supply, but this resilient solution functions as backup support against potential grid failures. It can still operate independently, and you can still keep your lights on! 

Microgrids are becoming increasingly popular around the world because of their ability to create a more sustainable network. Just ask the town of Onslow, a Western Australian community functioning off its solar and battery microgrid. They’re getting up to 90% of their power from renewable sources! Here in the U.S., big facilities like hospitals, warehouses, airports, and universities, use microgrids regularly for everyday consumption. They’re versatile, mini power grids saving communities everywhere! Signing up for a Connected Microgrid may be the easiest way to meet all of your energy goals, providing you with increased customer control and access. 

It’s no secret that hosting your own solar panels drops your energy bill, but we should note that when you sign a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Catalyst Power for the Connected Microgrid, you’re also locking in these benefits for the long haul. We’re talking about at least 20 years of consistent, reliable energy and cost savings. Once everything is up and running, your savings kick in immediately.  

Contact one of our energy experts today to learn more about how distributed energy generation can save your business!  

Energy Experts Amie and Loren of Catalyst Power