How to Get Started with Subscribing to a Community Solar Program

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So, you’ve finally considered a renewable energy option that works for you and your business—a sustainable Community Solar subscription. Not only are you ready to reduce your monthly energy bill and carbon footprint, but you’re also ready to commit to a solar solution that secures the future of your business in the long run.  

But where do you start?

Contact Your Energy Service Provider  

Now would be a good time to reach out to your local energy service provider. For Catalyst Power, this is our area of expertise. As part of our suite of products and services, we offer Community Solar, a free off-site solar subscription to a local solar farm. After we subscribe your business to the solar farm and the solar arrays go live, your business will be rewarded with a discount on your monthly utility bill. 

There’s No Cost to Sign Up 

The subscription itself is free; all we need is your account information. As a subscriber, you receive and benefit from this free discount each month. You should know Catalyst Power’s Community Solar program does not interfere with any of your currently implemented supply options.  All you have to do is sign up for free and you’ll reduce your energy bill (savings are typically up to 10%), every month.

Welcome to the Solar Club! 

Signing your business up for Community Solar is simplespeak with an energy expert or visit our online portal. This a great option for property owners who want to save on their monthly energy bills with a no-risk, no-hassle, no-cost solution. Our Community Solar subscription offers a risk-free way to get ahead of your energy goals and focus on how you want to spend the money you save from your new discount! 

You can even earn a greater discount when you bundle energy products, like our custom-priced commercial energy and net-zero natural gas packages. Contact one of our energy experts today for a full rundown of how much you’ll save with Community Solar, including our other offerings.  

It’s time to take the lead on your energy strategy this year. Let us light the way!