How Your Business Can Build a Future Beyond Oil


Untitled design (2)The consequences of climate change are here. As a result of damaging human behaviors, temperatures are rising, and extreme weather events are becoming more common. Each day of inaction makes our environmental challenges more difficult to solve.

To be abundantly clear, none of these statements are controversial. They describe our collective reality, informed by science and apparent in daily life. Despite this, there are powerful forces trying hard to prevent change. Since virtually every direct step to healing the planet involves drastically reducing our fossil fuel use, oil and gas companies work tirelessly to encourage inaction. They’ll try to convince you that nothing is wrong and there’s no reason to pursue smarter alternatives—even (and especially) when they know better.

If this all sounds a bit conspiratorial, maybe the latest facts will help: A study published earlier this month found that America’s largest oil company recognized the environmental impact of fossil fuels in the 1970s and 1980s, but chose to provide misleading information to the public for decades. Exxon’s data offered accurate models for global warming as early as 1977.

Nearly half a century ago, information was available that could have motivated more responsible behaviors. Instead, some of the world’s most prolific contributors to the climate crisis have continued to obscure the facts and maintain their own damaging practices to this day.

So…now what?

This new information about Exxon’s prior knowledge complicates the company’s approach to lawsuits concerning its misleading statements over the years. All we can do there is wait and see how future legal proceedings unfold.

Fortunately, there are steps we can take that don’t require a law degree and do lead to immediate environmental improvements. Regardless of misleading statements or the fervent hopes of big oil companies, we can all start the transition to a more responsible existence right now. There are effective, accessible resources to help you use fewer fossil fuels every single day.

By working with Catalyst Power to bring a Connected Microgrid to your property, you’ll be taking an essential (and impactful) step toward a healthier future. With an on-site array of solar panels installed on your building’s rooftop, you’ll be able to generate and utilize clean solar energy all in one location. This new power source will directly reduce your reliance on fossil fuels—a step that comes with all kinds of benefits, in addition to escaping the influence of big oil.

First and foremost, it’s the right financial choice! Between significant geopolitical conflicts, the decisions of profit-driven corporations, and the sweeping effects of inflation, energy costs have been pretty unpredictable lately. On-site solar addresses this directly: When you sign a Power Purchase Agreement to bring a Connected Microgrid to your property, you’ll lock in your rates for the long term.

Plus, those unpredictable market prices typically translate to higher energy bills. Meanwhile, solar and other renewable energy sources are consistently less expensive than fossil fuels, regardless of the oil markets’ behaviors on any given day. The choice to bring solar generation to your property yields immediate (and ongoing) savings on your power spending. Because Catalyst Power owns, operates, and maintains the array (assuming all the risk and responsibility for its production), your business can begin reaping the benefits of solar without cost! Infinite ROI is a great financial decision!

Another key advantage is equally practical. By generating power and putting it to use all in one location, you’re protecting your critical processes against power outages. With your Connected Microgrid serving as a localized source for energy production, you won’t be susceptible to power loss caused by damaged wires, shortages during severe weather events, or other complications related to the larger energy grid. The next time outages strike your area, your decision to adopt on-site solar will save you time, money, and a lot of hassle.

With all of these financial and operational upsides, a transition to solar energy can significantly improve your company’s day-to-day performance. In other words, attempts by oil companies to keep you dependent on a steady flow of fossil fuels aren’t just damaging the environment—they’re also keeping you from optimizing the way your business works.

Frankly, it’s upsetting to consider all the progress we could have made by now if so many powerful institutions weren’t spending their resources fighting against a cleaner, healthier world. Still, the absolute best thing we can do now is take action as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s good for the planet, good for your business, and a great way to keep the big oil companies from wielding undue power over our daily lives.