How to Buy a Connected Microgrid?

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If you are a mid-market business owner and you think you’re paying way too much to power your business, you’re probably right. Luckily, we’ve got a solution for you: a free Connected Microgrid owned and operated by Catalyst Power. There’s no cost for material, labor, or maintenance. We’ll literally pick up the tab. 

Catalyst Power not only offers an innovative suite of energy solutions like Community Solar and custom-priced commercial retail electricity, but we are also a proud supplier of our one-of-a-kind Connected Microgrid product. Our Connected Microgrid is a Catalyst Power-owned and operated solar array with optional battery storage that eliminates the high-cost barrier to entry for businesses looking to go solar and save money.

Do I Qualify? 

Our Connected Microgrid is great for businesses with high demand charges and as a result, high energy bills. You’ll need an interval meter—a device that measures and sends the exact usage data wirelessly to the utility company every 15 minutes—including over 1 million kWh usage. If you have an interval meter, plus a large amount of consumption that includes a high demand charge, you can immediately benefit from a Connected Microgrid. 

How Do I Sign Up? 

The process is pretty simple. You can sign up for a Connected Microgrid by visiting our online portal (yes, it’s that easy) and submitting your information. There, you will make an account and follow the instructions. All we need from you to make an account are a few details: 

  • Your contact and business information 
  • Property details (including your address)
  • Your utility information

Once we have all your necessary information, we can issue a Letter of Authorization, and we’ll look at your historical usage to determine if you qualify for a Connected Microgrid. We’ll also throw in a free solar analysis of your property for good measure. Signing up for a Connected Microgrid ensures you’ll receive a consistent, reliable energy supply, and lower energy bills. 

What’s My Next Step? 

You don’t have to talk to us if you don’t want to, but if you have a question about the service, our door is open. Contact one of our Energy Experts today and we’ll set you on the path to immediate savings.