Immediate Savings & Budget Certainty: Connected Microgrid

What is a connected microgrid-1

Businesses that take control of their energy use by producing power on-site save money in the short and long term. (That’s… the whole dang term!) 

When it comes to money and energy, the major things that leave businesses bleeding for cash are unexpected expenses or price surges, a lack of control over the power source, unforeseen outages, and uncertainty about upcoming costs. 

Not only are renewables becoming an increasingly cost-efficient energy source, the financial incentives (tax and otherwise) of a Connected Microgrid put businesses in a position to save money immediately, while also locking in budget certainty for the future. 

Also outage protection. Major outage protection. 

Immediate Savings

With a Connected Microgrid Solution from Catalyst Power, your business saves the upfront costs of buying and installing the equipment. Seriously! We own and operate the power generation on your behalf, eliminating the costly barrier between businesses and energy freedom - it’s that important to us! 

As soon as the Connected Microgrid is up and running, you also save on overall energy costs, especially if you’ve elected to build Solar Panels. (Hellooo solar and tax credits). Your overall energy costs with Catalyst Power’s Connected Microgrid will be less than your current costs projected over the same time frame. Plus you get the not-so-insignificant benefit of taking a massive step toward energy independence and the freedom that comes with it!

Budget Certainty

Because we lock in our rates with you for the duration of our relationship, your business also benefits from budget certainty. Your rates when you sign up are your rates for the entire length of your contract. No more variability clouding up your financial forecasting. No more severe weather events crippling your production.

Because Catalyst Power builds, owns, and operates the energy source on your property, your business assumes very little risk in the pursuit of incredible, sustainable financial reward.  Not to mention, you’re protecting the planet from climate change and your own business from devastating outages. 

All told, a Connected Microgrid Solution is a win win.

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