Solar Options for Small Businesses

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In today’s climate, investing in solar energy generation is more beneficial than ever. It lowers your carbon footprint and can lead your business to great savings and more budget certainty for your bottom line. It’s so good, it might be tempting to own your own solar panels, but if you’re a small business, that might not be your best option.  

A couple of questions to consider: Do you own your building? No? Are you worried your roof is too small to install an array? Then a free Community Solar subscription from Catalyst Power might be more appropriate. Choosing Community Solar is the most hassle-free option for your business. You still get to reap the benefits of solar without complicating your energy strategy or tying up your roof. Owning your own solar array can get costly with contractors and equipment, including permits, zoning, and interconnection requirements.

Once you sign up, you’ll get energy cost savings and the bonus (but crucial part) of creating a positive environmental impact for your building and your local community by helping sustain a solar project with your participation.

Benefits of Partnering with Catalyst Power 

Partnering with Catalyst Power for a Community Solar subscription is more beneficial for your business because there are no upfront costs. The subscription is free! 

All those steps you’d have to consider when installing your own solar panels are already taken care of by your energy service provider (that’s us). Not only do you avoid the trouble of having to own, operate, and maintain the solar array on your own, but subscribing to a local solar farm in your area earns you immediate savings. Those savings are typically up to 10%! Not only that, but our Community Solar program does not interfere with any of your current supply options. 

You get a discount on your monthly electricity bill and your business gets a portion of its energy powered by the earth’s biggest generator: the sun.  

Tap in with one of our energy experts to learn more about community solar in your area! Let's get you access to clean energy. 

Contact us today and we’ll get you started with a free solar analysis.