[VIDEO] Global Market Dynamics with Catalyst Power CEO Gabe Phillips

Knowing where your energy comes from can tell you a lot about your utility bill. When you learn how much global oil and gas markets are impacted by geopolitical events, self-interested players, and other moving pieces, it’ll change the way you understand energy. In this video, Catalyst Power CEO Gabe Phillips runs down significant factors and events you probably weren’t even aware were impacting your business’s energy prices.  

We’re here to empower you to change the way you power your business. It's time to act now to ensure a more sustainable business practice and secure a more stable energy bill: 

So, what can you do today? 

There are benefits to locking in energy prices long-term. Below are a few things you can do right now: 

  • Contract energy supply as long-term as possible for budget certainty. 

  • Be open-minded to and focus on adopting on-site measures, like solar or batteries to reduce your exposure to the energy supply market. 

  • Find a group like Catalyst Power that’s able to integrate all available solutions to reduce your exposure to this volatility, reduce your emissions, and reduce your costs. 

Catalyst Power is an integrated energy service provider with a range of energy supply solutions that can protect your business from high energy bills. Our products and services significantly reduce your carbon footprint over time and can save you money—or earn you an extra income—when you switch to an energy service company like ours. 

If you’re ready to hit the ground running, contact us today and chat with one of our energy experts about the best solution for your business.