What You Should Know About New York's Demand Response Programs

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Nothing hits your utility bill harder than the hottest and coldest days of the year. Thanks to the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO), customers have an opportunity to significantly lower their electricity use—and energy bill—for an increase in profit. NYISO offers demand response programs that help commercial and industrial companies reduce emissions and avoid overloading our electric grid by decreasing electricity during periods of high demand.  

The most beneficial part about joining a demand response program is simple: you receive payments in exchange for reducing your usage during planned intervals 

NYISO demand response programs are broken down into service areas, each having its own set of rules for its respective program type. 

Where We Come In 

If you participate in a Demand Response program, Catalyst Power functions as an aggregator in this process to support your business through the curtailment event. Customers interested in Demand Response sign up with us instead of their utility company.  We walk you through each step to prepare and ensure you get the most out of testing before enrollment.
“Demand response offers businesses another opportunity to realize significant savings through New York's clean energy incentive programs," said Gabriel Phillips, CEO of Catalyst Power. "Smart New York businesses have the opportunity to generate revenue and realize major savings by taking advantage of the clean energy transition.” 

Getting paid to curb your usage not only supports your bottom line, but also keeps our electric grid strong, efficient, and operational – that's a win for everyone! 

Maximize Your Efforts  

The benefits don’t stop there. When operated correctly, “it is possible for a large commercial building, industrial facility, or other large energy user to use [battery] energy storage to lower their energy bill, while simultaneously receiving additional revenue [...],” according to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). It’s a great way to keep your daily operations running during a curtailment event.  

Learn more about how your business can earn with Demand Response and contact one of our Energy Experts today.