Why Customers Love Catalyst Power

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Catalyst Power is more than your average energy service provider. 

Commercial energy customers have many choices when it comes to purchasing electricity and natural gas. If you own or are part of a commercial entity in New York, Connecticut, or Massachusetts, a simple look at our website will tell you that we are very different from other competitors. Catalyst Power is an integrated provider of commercial energy, Connected Microgrid solutions, and community solar. Our supply options help your business save money, reduce environmental impact, and maintain power. It’s part of our philosophy after all.  

Throughout most of the retail energy industry, supply options are limited to purchasing electricity and/or natural gas at a fixed or hybrid price for a set number of months. You can do this through Catalyst Power, of course, but there is so much more!   

Catalyst Power turns your commercial building into a hub for clean energy innovation. 

Every commercial building has a roof, and many have unused vacant space. Imagine for a moment that someone is willing to install solar panels on your roof or on that unused vacant property at no cost to you and compensate you for the right to do so. That compensation could take the form of a reduction in your energy cost, or a significant annual payment guaranteed over many years.  These solar panels could also reduce the energy cost of individual homeowners or apartment dwellers in your neighborhood. Simply by doing this, you are contributing to energy sustainability while reducing carbon emissions.    

Catalyst Power offers a mutually beneficial relationship with its customers.  

When a company does business with Catalyst Power all of this becomes possible!  You are not simply purchasing electricity and natural gas. Instead, you are entering into a relationship where Catalyst Power will work with you to explore a range of economically smart and environmentally friendly possibilities.  

Our products offer your business budget certainty. 

Consider the time and money you save identifying a solid energy solution for your business. The volatility of the energy market doesn’t stop, but the fluctuations in your bill can. You’ll spend less time searching for options that yield little results when you lock in lower prices with a service provider that helps you manage your energy production, consumption, and costs. You’re free to take more calculated risks with your business when Catalyst Power handles your energy strategy.  

Take our community solar service for example. Not only do we subscribe your business to a local solar farm for free, but that farm earns you solar credits that apply to your energy bill. You’re now saving money monthly on top of the environmentally positive changes you’ll be making for your community. That’s up to 10% of your total spending each month and long-term budget certainty from a single renewable source.  

Find out how switching your power supply or signing up for one of our solar solutions can turn your business around for the better. 

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