Making Data-Informed Energy Decisions

data informed energy

Data: It’s everywhere!

It informs the way we make our choices, directs the ads that appear on our phones, and determines the products that receive top-tier shelving space at the grocery store. It influences our lives in countless ways, big and small. At worst, it can be an insidious tool for surveillance and manipulation. But when it’s leveraged to its full capacity for the right reasons, data holds the power to make the world a better place.

Case in point: Data-driven resources can provide a much better understanding of the ways our energy systems serve us. While that may not immediately strike you as the most interesting application, there’s great power in knowing how our world is… well, powered. When it’s put to use correctly, data related to our energy choices can lead to better business operations and a healthier planet.

Data strengthens the fight against climate change

By its very nature, climate change is a global problem. The decisions (and emissions) of one country can yield consequences for communities all around the world. These innate complexities also mean it’s been easy for many nations, companies, and organizations to maintain massively damaging environmental practices with a relatively low level of scrutiny.

Fortunately, new tools and technologies are bringing more transparency to the global battle against climate change. It’s much, much easier to make meaningful changes when we have a fuller picture of our current emissions.

A newly-launched inventory from a coalition called Climate TRACE uses “satellite imagery and other forms of remote sensing, artificial intelligence, and collective data science expertise” to track primary sources of emissions across the globe. In other words, the tool harnesses data to identify many of the worst offenders against the environment, informing more strategic steps toward mitigation.

In Colorado, officials are collecting existing energy data from buildings across the state and using the findings to provide suggested steps toward meeting new climate goals. (Some building owners have discovered inefficiencies in their own operations during the reporting process.) It takes time and careful thought to develop environmentally responsible practices—it’s only reasonable to leverage as much information as you can to be sure that you’re making the best possible decisions.

The simple truth is that not all actions to combat the climate crisis are created equal. At the same time, it’s absolutely essential that we act as quickly and efficiently as possible to curtail further emissions. Good data leads to better decisions and greater impact.

A more effective fight for our earth’s future is certainly reason enough to seek out data-driven energy decisions, but it’s not the only benefit in store.

Data empowers you to make smarter energy choices

Your business spends a lot of money on energy each month, but you may not commit much time to reviewing the details of your power use—after all, what’s the point? It’s rare to find a region that even offers a choice of more than one energy provider.

Of course, we believe there’s a better way. The growth of distributed energy, which reduces customers’ reliance on a vast national network of wires and the traditional energy providers that operate as monopolies, means you can finally make real choices about how you choose to power your business. Along the way, we’ll ensure you have access to the right information for an informed, confident decision.

Catalyst Power’s ecommerce dashboard allows you to browse available energy solutions, including Connected Microgrids, Community Solar, and custom-priced energy services, and choose the right approach for your business. With insights powered by your historical energy data, you’ll have all the insights you need to make informed decisions and understand financing options based on your specific needs. It’s all available directly to our customers, accessible whenever and wherever you need it.

We’re bringing energy systems into the 21st century and ensuring you have access to the information you need along the way. By taking advantage of new technologies, you’ll be empowered to make choices that are better for your business and easier on the planet—you don’t have to be a data scientist to see that’s the right move.

Start accessing new insights on your energy use today!