3 Ways Commercial Business Owners Can Benefit from Rooftop Leasing

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When you have a ton of underutilized space hanging over your head, your first thought usually isn’t how to make money off it—but it should be. Leasing your rooftop space is a creative way to increase revenue for your business. Yes, you can do more with solar energy than earn cost savings! New legislation like the Inflation Reduction Act encourages new ways to identify more opportunities for solar. This means more opportunities for commercial and industrial business owners to accommodate solar on their properties. Here are three ways business owners can benefit from Rooftop Leasing: 

Monetize Your Office Building 

Rooftop Leasing is the gift that keeps on giving. No, really. Leasing your rooftop space is a guaranteed monthly payment for your business. It’s basically a landlord-and-tenant dynamic that lets a company like Catalyst Power build non-penetrating, custom-sized solar panels on your roof (not everybody has that!). There’s no damage to your rooftop space and if you partner with us, we build, own, and operate the solar array for you at no cost while the energy is being sold elsewhere. You get cash in your hand and all you have to do is turn your rooftop into a real-time investment. 

Meet Your ESG Goals 

Did you know that solar can be leveraged to raise capital and boost workplace satisfaction? “A strong ESG proposition can help companies attract and retain quality employees, enhance employee motivation by instilling a sense of purpose, and increase productivity overall.” According to McKinsey Quarterly. Your performance in sustainability can make or break your company’s credibility, and nothing says commitment like a solar installation on your roof. Meeting your ESG goals can also “enhance investment returns by allocating capital to more promising and more sustainable opportunities.” It’s easy to implement solar generation for your business. Just look up!  

More Opportunities for Everyone

There are so many different types of buildings that can take advantage of Rooftop Leasing. Whether you’re a real estate developer who needs a new medical office, a landlord and owner of an apartment complex, or maybe even a mall with large, covered parking, there are a plethora of opportunities for commercial business owners to take advantage of rooftop solar. Even if you own a warehouse, your rooftop offers ample space for solar. The best advice is don't count yourself out. Count your new income instead!

Catalyst Power’s Rooftop Lease program offers a long-term (20-25 year) agreement. Your business becomes a local asset, and you receive a monthly payment. Let our Energy Experts evaluate your property and get you paid. Contact us today.