How Carbon-Intensive Companies Can Still Help the Environment

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Never underestimate the power of your business. As a mid-market company, the way your business uses energy has more impact on the environment than you think. Especially, if your business is run in a carbon-intensive industry where you need to burn fossil fuels for a living. There’s no denying the necessity of businesses and manufacturers that use fossil fuels to supply much of the world’s goods and services, but what can’t be ignored is the threat carbon emissions present to our planet.  

Despite many carbon-intensive companies' aversion to the conservation narrative, mid-market businesses can greatly affect how much pollution enters our atmosphere. There is a way your company can still benefit from alternative energy resources without compromising the way you do business.  

A little goes a long way for the planet:
Industries like heat, steel, concrete, oil, aviation, transportation, and agriculture are considered some of the most carbon-intensive areas. When you think about your energy strategy and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions your product or service produces, are you considering how much an innovative energy solution can reduce your carbon footprint and support more energy efficiency?  

One way carbon-intensive businesses that are looking for smart solutions combat climate change is through a carbon intensity score. The way to determine a carbon intensity score (CI score) depends on calculating greenhouse gas emissions associated with producing, distributing, and consuming fuel. It measures the value of all the carbon emitted along the supply chain, including all the carbon used to explore, mine, collect, produce, transport, distribute, and burn for that fuel. These scores are secured through clean or alternative fuel programs, like Oregon Clean Fuels Program, Washington State’s Clean Fuel Standard, and others. This is a great example of how other states are not only prioritizing new sustainable energy strategies to help combat climate change, but are encouraging more progress through financial credits by producing or using alternative fuel.   

You get paid to save the environment: 
A much easier way to manage your carbon emissions in your area—and gain financial benefits—is through solar. Catalyst Power offers rooftop leasing for all the valuable space you’re not using on your roof. At no cost, we install and maintain the solar equipment for you, and hand you a monthly payment at the end. You get the bonus of addressing climate change and cash for your bottom line.  

Commercial rooftop leasing has an answer to the challenge of identifying suitable spaces where renewable energy projects can exist. There’s no catch, no hidden fees—just quality improvement. 

Community Solar is another example of the monetary value of solar. Let’s say you’re a dairy farmer based in New York. Participating in a community solar program can help your local community profit in revenue, power more businesses (and homes), and still have enough to support the grid. Catalyst Power also offers its customers a free community solar subscription to a local utility-scale solar project. When you subscribe your business to a local solar farm, you get a smaller energy bill. Savings get applied right to your utility bill, saving you up to 10%. Even as you manage a carbon-intensive business, you can still protect the environment.   

Non-monetary value of going solar: 
Aside from the obvious monetary benefits of solar energy, it’s equally important to consider the non-monetary ways solar supports your business. Let’s face it—carbon-intensive industries get a lot of flak for the effects they have on a global scale, and one of the most expensive expenses for a business is public relations. How the world perceives you and your business can make or break your headlines. If your business contributes to deforestation and the like, there’s a high possibility your company could use a brand boost and eco-friendly solutions like solar energy offer that. 

Carbon-intensive companies receive the brunt of the criticism in climate change discussions, and as a customer of Catalyst Power, we can help you change that for free. A shift towards more sustainable practices can do wonders for your public perception, mitigating the consequences of bad press and employee retention from inaction. Not only do we pay you to look better, but we’d love to do co-branded press activities to promote your company’s new direction. All you have to do is say “yes."

We need each other: 
If you want your business to not just survive, but thrive in the long run, you must assume there will still be a planet here waiting for you. Yes, we need these industries, but we can work together to make your dollar and your PR go a long way, and still help out the environment. 

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