Catalyst Power Partners with OHA Power to Provide Cogeneration Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Businesses in New York and New Jersey

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Systems Allow Building Owners to Efficiently Produce a Portion of the Energy they Use On-Site: Systems Generate Significant Savings and Reduced Emissions

NEW YORK, Feb. 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Catalyst Power Holdings LLC ("Catalyst", "Company"), an integrated provider of cleaner energy solutions for the commercial and industrial sector, is partnering with OHA Power, LLC, a developer, owner, and operator of distributed cogeneration systems, to provide power and thermal energy solutions for commercial and industrial businesses in New York and New Jersey. Cogeneration systems, also known as combined heat and power ("CHP") systems, work by producing heat and electricity simultaneously from the same energy source. The CHP systems can reach 90% thermal efficiency by recovering otherwise wasted thermal energy from electricity generation to produce on-site heating or cooling that can be put to better use. The best time to install a CHP system is when replacing an aging heating system.

 "We're thrilled to be partnering with OHA Power to offer our commercial and industrial customers another common sense cleaner energy solution with cogeneration systems," said Gabe Phillips, CEO of Catalyst Power. "CHP is a common sense way to reduce the emissions profile of a building, which aids compliance with local emissions laws, such as Local Law 97 in NYC, and the upcoming cap and trade program in NY. This customized solution represents a great business opportunity for anyone in need of replacing inefficient heating and cooling systems. "

"OHA Power and Catalyst working together provides our customers with a unique opportunity to benefit both economically and environmentally through energy projects that likely would not have otherwise occurred. Together, we bring unprecedented expertise, experience, and capital to deliver turnkey project solutions. The new joint venture brings confidence to the market that viable economic and environmentally sustainable energy projects can be operated profitably on a long-term basis," said Peter Westerhoff, Managing Member of OHA Power.

The partnership expands Catalyst Power's suite of clean energy solutions which also includes custom-priced energy service, Connected Microgrids, Free Onsite Solar Viability Assessments, and community solar. Catalyst Power's cleaner energy solutions allow companies to reduce energy costs, monetize their roof, meet sustainability goals, and ensure energy resilience. OHA Power's projects typically involve the replacement of major boiler room equipment including boilers, water heaters, and chilled water systems, supplemented by the implementation of a modular, "inside the fence" type cogeneration project.

Businesses interested in partnering with Catalyst Power or learning more can contact:

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About Catalyst Power Holdings LLC:
Catalyst Power Holdings LLC is an independent, integrated provider of cleaner energy solutions for the commercial and industrial sector through commercial energy, customized Connected Microgrid solutions, and community solar to underserved middle-market commercial and industrial end-use customers, improving the overall efficiency and environmental impact of their supply. Catalyst Power is a portfolio company of BP Energy Partners, LLC. More info:

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BP Energy Partners, LLC (BPEP), is a Dallas, Texas based growth-oriented private equity firm. Since inception, BPEP has focused on a lower carbon future by establishing and growing sustainable and responsible companies in the natural gas value chain including infrastructure, power, logistics, transportation, environmental services, renewable natural gas, midstream, and distribution. BPEP will also invest in low carbon energy solutions and renewables. BPEP collaborates with entrepreneurs, family-owned businesses, project developers, and experienced management teams to provide patient capital, financial and operating expertise, and deep industry relationships. BPEP currently manages over $560 million in committed capital and is actively investing in new opportunities. More information can be found at

About OHA Power, LLC
OHA Power, LLC is a developer, owner, and operator of micro-cogeneration systems in the New York/New Jersey area. Founded in 1989, the owner of OHA Power, LLC founded the business on the basis of providing its customers with unique, turnkey energy cost saving solutions through energy efficiency gains and cogeneration implemented within a facility's physical plant. OHA Power's solutions substantially reduces a building's carbon footprint while at the same time, mitigating capital investment by the host facility and providing a level of energy cost savings to that facility. OHA Power's primary customers are nursing homes, high rise housing complexes, YMCA's, larger swim facilities, hospitals and hotels.