Connected Microgrid FAQ

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What is a Connected Microgrid?
A Connected Microgrid is basically a smaller, more sustainable version of the larger power grid. They can produce energy from either a combination of on-site resources (solar and gas) or a single generator (solar or gas) while maintaining a connection to the larger grid. (This is different from ‘islanding’ in which the connection to the larger grid is severed).

How does a Connected Microgrid work with Catalyst Power?
When you decide to transition to a Connected Microgrid, Catalyst Power will build and install solar panels on your property at no cost to you. (We can also build a gas generator, but we highly recommend the panels for maximum sustainability.) Catalyst Power will build, own, and operate the source at no cost to you and then sell the energy it produces to you at an excellent, reliable price. There are multiple benefits to this energy partnership:

  1. Positive environmental impact: you are directly increasing the percent of renewable energy used and your business, customers and grandchildren’s grandchildren thank you.
  2. Immediate savings: you immediately cut into the cost of retail power with your own renewables. The Catalyst Power pricing is designed to provide real savings for your business, not just a feel good story.
  3. Budget certainty: our long-term fixed price allows businesses to plan ahead with added confidence.
  4. Outage protection: by generating energy on-site, you support the reliability of the grid by reducing the risk of costly power outages.

Why should I buy my energy from Catalyst Power? Can’t I just install solar panels and produce energy for myself?
I mean… you could? But we don’t recommend it. We’re experts at handling all of the ins and outs of on-site energy production, and we’d be focused on running the power source while you focus on running your business. Think of it as having the power to build your favorite lunch place right next to your office. You don’t want to run a restaurant, you just want to have all the benefits of proximity (and a pretty sweet discount).

What do you mean by Budget Certainty?
Your new Connected Microgrid comes with a fixed rate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Catalyst Power that is locked in for the duration of the contract. You wake up every morning with electricity market risk, but a PPA with Catalyst Power allows you to reduce this risk. This enables you to reliably predict some of your energy expenditure well into the future to help effectively scale your business.

Yeah, but that PPA is a pretty long contract. What if I don’t own my building or have a long-term lease?
Because a Connected Microgrid Solution involves a long term commitment to a singular location, businesses that own or have a long term lease are the best fit for a Connected Microgrid. Those in shorter term scenarios would need to get their landlord involved, which plenty of our clients do! What is certain is that your business will definitely benefit from some of our solutions.

How long does it take for the panels to get built and installed?
Once you decide to sign a PPA with Catalyst Power, you’ll start using the energy from your Connected Microgrid in about 6 to 9 months. That factors in the amount of time it takes to build the necessary equipment and generally get through the local red tape.

How is a Connected Microgrid a sustainable energy source?
A Connected Microgrid is actually sustainable in multiple ways. One of the big ones is that it decreases the distance between where the energy is produced and where it’s used. Transferring energy across long distances takes a lot of, you guessed it, energy. And by getting power from A to B more expediently, a Connected Microgrid decreases your business’ carbon footprint. Also, by buying into a Connected Microgrid, you’ll be contributing to the renewable energy market and improving its reliability, scalability, and reach. In short, more solar generation = less fossil fuel generation.

How easy is it to get a Connected Microgrid Solution for my business?
So easy. Seriously. You can give us your info online right now for a quote and a Power Purchase Agreement. You don’t even have to talk to a human if you don’t want to. (But of course we’re here to talk to you if you want, we’re not Robots, the Capcha says so!)

If I have more questions, who can I talk to?

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