Outage Protection with a Connected Microgrid


It’s difficult to describe how severely and detrimentally power outages can impact a business’ daily operations and bottom line. Odds are that you’ve either tried to run a business through one of these events, or you’ve seen their destructive results on the news. Short version: it’s bad. Long version: It’s very very very very bad.

What Outage Protection Really Means

Catalyst Power’s Connected Microgrid Solution gives businesses complete control over and direct access to their most used power source. That means that their energy provisions are not susceptible to the shortcomings of the larger power grid, which may be too physically separated or shoddily maintained to provide consistent and reliable energy access. With on-site sources, not only are businesses contributing to and strengthening the reliability of the grid within their local area, they’re also reducing their carbon footprint, saving money in the short term, and guaranteeing long-term budget certainty. 

The Cost of Not Having Outage Protection

Outages on the larger grid can lead to devastating price hikes, throttling of distribution, and an incredible strain on your business’ time, resources, and...yeah...energy. A wise person once said, “don’t buy insurance after a disaster - buy before one.” (Thanks Dad!) 

The cost of not being prepared can be devastating to a business’s survivability, let alone their productivity. 

With a Connected Microgrid Solution from Catalyst Power, we’ll build and install a solar power source right on your property at no cost to you (natural gas powered backup generators are also available). We’ll construct, own, and operate the equipment while giving you access to reliable, cost-effective, sustainable energy that actively supports the renewable energy market and related initiatives. 

With our straightforward and secure online sign up process, protecting your business from outages is as simple as taking back control of your power. 

(Outage free) Power to the people. More Power to You.

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