How Can I Connect to Solar Farms in New York?

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Clean energy solutions are more accessible than ever for business owners in New York. One of your best options for immediate energy savings on your monthly utility bill is through a community solar program. Community solar is a program that uses a local solar farm in your community to connect electricity to multiple properties in a designated area. It’s a chance to utilize solar energy, but you don’t have to host the solar panels yourself.

By choosing community solar, you're making a significant commitment to the environment by helping to reduce carbon emissions. This is a decision you can be proud of. 

When you partner with Catalyst Power, there is no upfront cost to signing up for community solar. Your business is subscribed to a solar farm, and you get the financial benefit of saving up to 10% on your energy bill every month, all without fronting the costs of installation and the responsibility of maintenance. It’s a win-win for you and the environment! 

Here's what you need to know to start the process of connecting your business with a local solar farm in New York (because nobody likes a high electricity bill): 

  • Sign up online – Catalyst Power has a simple online process for connecting your business to a local solar farm. Once you submit your basic information, a Catalyst Power Energy Expert will contact you to learn more about your property and find a live project near you. 
  • We’ll subscribe you to a solar farm – When you are subscribed to a solar farm in your local community, your business earns a portion of the solar credits for the energy produced. These solar credits are what shave off the electricity costs of your monthly energy bill. Once the solar farm starts generating solar energy, your solar credits kick in, and you begin earning immediate savings. 

Community solar projects are the best way for businesses in New York to maximize their financial and environmental goals without purchasing solar arrays. We’ve written about multiple ways commercial businesses can save money on energy costs in the state, and if you can’t host your own solar, sharing renewable energy with your neighbors is a great opportunity and reduces your dependency on fossil fuels. 

Catalyst Power works with commercial and industrial customers in mind and is committed to our vision of making clean energy as accessible as possible. Last year, we partnered with the Gates Historical Society to build a 1.4MW community solar farm in Rochester. Your business could be next! Take advantage of the benefits solar power has to offer and contact our Energy Experts today to redefine your energy goals with a community solar project near you.