Is Community Solar Right for Your Business?

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When we talk about clean energy, part of the larger conversation is about just how accessible renewable energy is for most customers. If you’re unfamiliar with solar power solutions, you might think this valuable resource is too expensive. However, community solar is a great example of how everyone can access clean energy without installing solar panels on-site.  

We’re confident that going solar is an excellent solution for most businesses, but we also know you probably need more information! Below, we list some pros and cons of community solar and a couple of things to keep in mind as you go. Find out how to partner with Catalyst Power and empower your community through solar.   

The Pros of Subscribing to a Community Solar Farm 

  1. Lower electricity bills—Electricity is becoming more expensive, and saving our customers money is one of the first questions most of our customers ask. When you subscribe your business to a local solar farm, you can save up to 10% off your monthly electricity bills. There’s no cost to sign up, so you’ve already earned additional savings from skipping the upfront maintenance and installation costs of adding other solar solutions on-site (Catalyst Power takes care of all that for you if you plan to go that route). This monthly discount provides financial relief from costly energy bills so you can focus less on expenses and more on sustainability. 

  2. Reduces carbon emissions—While you’re beating rising electricity costs, subscribing to a community solar program also benefits your business and the environment in a significant way. When you use solar energy to reduce your building’s carbon footprint, the positive environmental impact offsets carbon emissions. Signing up for a community solar subscription reduces your dependency on fossil fuels (and their power plants), and this is a big step towards improving air quality and preserving natural resources for your local community.

  3. No rooftop required—What makes community solar unique yet accessible is that you can participate in a subscription without owning solar panels. Can’t install solar on your property? Unsuitable rooftop space? No problem! Community solar is an offsite solar solution via a local solar farm in your area. You don’t have to run any numbers on a potential rooftop renovation—just sign up for savings!

  4. Can be paired with other services—If you’re looking for more energy savings, you’re in luck. Depending on where you live, community solar can be paired with other solutions like a Connected Microgrid ® or a rooftop solar lease. If you sign up with us, we will work with you to maximize your investment hassle-free. What’s not to love about reaping the financial and environmental benefits of multiple services at once? 

Cons When Considering Community Solar 

  1. Community solar isn’t available in every state—As beneficial as it is, this solar solution is not offered in every state. According to, 41 states host community solar projects, including Washington, D.C. Nineteen out of those 41 states are now implementing official policies and programs to encourage more community solar. Catalyst Power currently has live community solar projects in New York and Massachusetts. If you are a commercial customer, contact us today to sign up. 

  2. Avoid paying for solar out of pocket—Real talk: Owning solar is costly. You will likely need to cover all the expenses if you choose to get your own solar panels without a third-party energy service provider like Catalyst Power. This is why community solar is a great opportunity for property owners.