How Do I Lower My Energy Prices with Retail Electricity?

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Being a business owner is no easy feat, especially when you’ve grown your business on a bigger scale. As a middle-market commercial business owner, you’re part of a considerably large group that owns or at least leases your building long-term. Part of having that responsibility involves higher-than-average energy bills.  

You’ve probably noticed how much your energy bill has fluctuated and are looking for a solution that guarantees you budget certainty and cost savings. Part of the problem is the volatility of the energy market. No, you’re not entirely responsible for your energy prices shooting through the roof, but there is something you can do about it!  

Partnering with Catalyst Power is the best way to get ahead of your bill.  Our custom-priced commercial and net-zero natural gas packages put your business on the fast track to immediate and long-term savings. We use advanced technology to analyze your utility data and measure your meter readings to get you an energy supply solution that works. Once we have a good look at your consumption patterns, we’ll be able to show you how those patterns impact your energy bill overall. 

 As your energy service provider (ESCO), it’s our job to get you the cleanest energy possible. We consider the time and energy (no pun intended!) it takes to make financially sound decisions for your business and work with you to lock in lower prices for your bottom line.  

Our packages include Fixed Rate pricing, a Balanced Portfolio pricing model, and Variable (Market Flex) pricing.

  • Fixed Rate pricing gives you rate certainty and protection during times of high volatility in the energy market.
  • Variable or Market Flex pricing follows the fluctuations in the market. It’s not as easily predictable as our Fixed Rate pricing, but it can decrease your energy bill significantly depending on where energy prices are at in the market.
  • Balanced Portfolio blends our Market Flex and Fixed Rate pricing models to give you both market security and flexibility. This is the package that really meets you where you are. Whatever your needs are, the Balanced Portfolio is flexible enough to give you the pricing that suits you.

Don’t worry, we help you choose which commercial retail electricity plan is best for you once we look at your data.  

Catalyst Power makes it a simple, safe, and secure process to switch over your energy supply to us. All we need is your account information, including your preferred commercial electricity package, and you’ll get to sign up for free. That’s it! Contact one of our energy experts today to find out which plan works best for you and start saving!