The Different Types of Retail Electricity Plans Available and How to Choose the Right One

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As an integrated energy service provider, Catalyst Power is always working to offer its customers the best service possible. Our products include a mix of custom-priced commercial energy and net-zero natural gas packages, with each plan offering its own unique benefits.  

Here’s how it works: We found an innovative way to approach our customers’ traditional energy arrangement and meet their energy goals by analyzing their utility data. We use advanced technology to properly measure your meter readings, follow your consumption patterns, and pinpoint exactly how they impact your energy costs. We use this data to get you a more accurate synopsis of your energy needs to deliver an energy supply solution that works best for your company. 

We ask you what you need and supply a range of options that we think best suit you

Below are the different types of retail electricity plans we offer: 

Fixed Rate – Fixed Rate pricing is the best option during high volatility times on the energy market, protecting your business against peak seasons like winter and summer or other adverse market conditions like geopolitical events. Although fixed rates include higher premiums than a variable rate, they come with rate certainty and make budgeting for your bottom line that much easier. 

This package is for you if you need budget certainty. It’s guaranteed security against price volatility! 

Balanced Portfolio – This package offers a blended, 50/50 mix of Market Flex and Fixed Rate pricing. It’s the best of both worlds, combining positive aspects of each pricing model. The Balanced Portfolio gives customers more market security than the Market Flex package, but more freedom to ride the wave of the market than with our Fixed Rate option. Your prices can decrease according to the market. 

This package is for you if you like flexibility and want a plan to match your comfort level. Since it is half Fixed and half Flex (varies based on the market), you may have a higher energy bill if the market goes up. But on the upside, if market prices are lower, you get the benefit of those savings. 

Variable or Market Flex - The variable, or Market Flex, pricing model follows the ups and downs of the energy market. As with all variable-rate products, the amount you pay each month is based on the market. The monthly rate is more unpredictable, but if electricity prices decrease, so does your bill. It’s cheaper than fixed prices and the bonus is your risk premiums are also avoided. 

This package is for you if you’re looking to avoid higher premiums. Depending on your utility, specific pricing products may vary. 

Once you’ve selected a plan that makes sense for your business, your energy supply will switch to Catalyst Power by the end of the next full billing cycle.  

Did you know that you can bundle one of our commercial retail electricity packages with our other products? If you just can’t get enough of great energy savings, we’ve made it possible for you to save even more and bundle services to maximize your return on investment. Our CEO, Gabe Phillips, breaks down how your business is impacted by electricity costs and why you see such high electric bills.  


Contact one of our energy experts today to get you started on a commercial retail electricity plan for your business!