The Convenience of Leasing Your Rooftop for Solar Energy Generation

A building with solar panels on the roof

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There’s potential for powerful solar energy generation all around us, it just might be in the last place you would think to look—the unused rooftops of commercial and industrial buildings. When the White House set the precedent for a carbon-free power sector by 2035 and a net-zero emissions economy by 2050, many considered this to be an ambitious goal. However, if we were to take the old adage and “use what [we] have,” we’d recognize there are many untapped opportunities at our disposal. 

Repurposing rooftops for solar energy generation is probably the most efficient (and fastest) way to accomplish more solar energy potential.  According to Environment America, one of the best places to host a solar array is sitting right in plain sight 

“The flat, open, sunny roofs of medium and large warehouses and distribution centers are perfect locations for solar panels. The United States has more than 450,000 such buildings, with almost 16.4 billion cumulative square feet of rooftop space – about twice the area of the entire city of Memphis, Tennessee.”  

This doesn’t even include the number of warehouses under construction! 

Warehouses offer our country’s power grid a chance to break away from its dependency on fossil fuels, making this a great opportunity for the environment and your business. Increased solar generation can reduce your business’s electric bill altogether. “On average across the country, warehouses could produce 176% of their annual electricity useby fully building out their rooftop solar potential.” Think about this: your business can earn a payment each month while we increase our power grid’s resilience, thus creating a more sustainable environment for the future. It’s a win, win scenario. Catalyst Power can help turn your commercial properties into a hub for solar generation with our products and services. 

Rooftop Leasing – by leasing your rooftop space to Catalyst Power, you’ll receive a monthly payment for allowing us to lease your rooftop or property grounds to build solar panels. The power generated from your rooftop will be sold elsewhere, but your payment comes straight to you. This lease program offers a long-term (20-25 year) agreement, turning your business into a local asset. 

Producing electricity on rooftops helps maintain the energy load that can get lost in transmission due to the long distance it travels. The good news is we can mitigate that through rooftops across the country and take back control of the damage done by toxic carbon emissions, too. The great news is that we can help you make money in the process. The only bad news is that we can’t throw you a party every time your rooftop generates power (sad face), but we’re hoping your new monthly revenue stream will suffice! 

Contact us today to get your leasing journey started. Our energy experts are on standby and ready to support you.