Rooftop Leasing for Connecticut Businesses

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What’s stopping you from turning your roof into a new stream of cash flow? Connecticut commercial properties have an exciting opportunity to make money using their rooftops. Rooftop Leasing is an untapped resource for business owners looking to repurpose their available rooftop space.

We’ve written extensively about the awesome benefits of leasing your rooftop, taking a once-underutilized space, and turning it into a cash machine for your business. Imagine what you’ll be able to do with the money from your new investment!

“We should really [refocus] our incentive structures in each state or federally to provide a bigger benefit for rooftop solar, for commercial, industrial customers, because that's going to help business owners, their employees, and the overall local economy,” says Gabe Phillips, CEO of Catalyst Power.

Connecticut’s Non-Residential Solar Renewable Energy Solutions Program 

Here’s what you need for a rooftop lease in your state:

  • Connecticut’s Non-Residential Solar Renewable Energy Solutions (NRES) Program is a commercial clean energy program with the goal of helping Connecticut customers install more solar projects and other renewable energy technologies.
  • Bid windows for medium and large zero-emission to low-emission categories began August 1 and are open until September 14, 2023, by 1 PM. The bid forms for small zero-emission categories are due by October 16, 2023, at 1 PM. 
  • Bid types for the NRES program are under and over 200kw size.
  • Partnering with Catalyst Power for your bid submission is a strategic win. We offer direct guidance on the process, including handling the application and fees. 

Bundle Our Services

If you’ve been considering financing options for your property, let Catalyst Power show you how to invest in solar energy the right way. Keep in mind that the average cost of a solar panel installation in CT ranges from $13,728 to $18,572. When you partner with Catalyst Power, the installation costs and maintenance go out the window! We build, own, and operate the solar array for you at no cost, while the energy is sold elsewhere. There’s no catch or hidden fees!

Discover the benefits of rooftop leasing and contact our Energy Experts today.