Five Things You Should Know When Considering a Rooftop Lease

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Rooftop leasing is one of the most innovative uses of solar energy to date. Most business owners are unaware of the potential of their current space hanging above their heads. Your rooftop is a valuable piece of real estate that is key to the growing solar infrastructure we are seeing develop across the country. Hundreds of millions of square feet are available for rooftop leasing in New York City alone. Investing in commercial solar has great financial and environmental benefits, but there are a few things you should consider before signing up. 

  1. Not all rooftops are created equally. Make sure your rooftop structure is suitable for a rooftop installation. Is it flat? Does it face south or is it angled for maximum sun exposure? If your roof needs to be repaired or replaced, it’s important to get your rooftop screened by a licensed professional. At Catalyst Power, not only do we operate, maintain, and repair the array for you at no additional cost, but there’s a high possibility that your business’s roof repair or replacement could be factored into the leasing agreement. Just make sure you get a free assessment!  
  1. Know what to expect from your lease. When you are preparing to lease your rooftop, it’s important to consider the terms of your agreement and for how long before jumping in. Catalyst Power offers a 20–25 year leasing agreement, granted that your roof is not expected to be replaced any time soon. You should also know that the energy your rooftop produces doesn’t go directly to your building; the energy will be sold elsewhere.  
  1. Your roof does not have to be large to be eligible for a rooftop lease. But it is ideal to have at least 50,000 sq. ft of usable rooftop space available. Typically, the ideal range for a rooftop installation is between 30,000 to 100,000 sq ft (about the size of a Manhattan city block). This is because commercial solar panels are considerably larger than residential solar panels since they produce more power. The size and scope of your solar panels depend on how many can fit into your available space and your company’s energy consumption. 
  1. Weather will not make your solar panels ineffective. A cloudy or snowy day isn’t going to keep the solar energy away. Generally, the panels generate heat and that melts the snow. Colder weather can increase panel efficiency and with a properly installed system, factors such as lightning or hail won’t negatively impact your roof. Catalyst Power uses ballast-mounted systems to keep your system grounded and your roof protected. 
  1. Rooftop leasing is an additional source of income. There’s no secret that you can earn extra money leasing your roof. But did you know Catalyst Power pays you monthly to lease your space? We will pay you rates as high as $1/sq. ft. per year to lease your rooftop space. You’re getting paid to go solar and help other local businesses and residential areas in your community. 

We’ve debunked a few myths about rooftop leasing before, but the pros of rooftop leasing with solar far outweigh the cons in terms of efficiency, cost (there isn’t any), and environmental impact. Talk to us about a free property evaluation today.