It’s Global Energy Independence Day!

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Global Energy Independence Day highlights the awareness of renewable energy resources (like solar and wind) and addresses how we can use these resources to combat climate change.

When we talk about global energy independence, it calls attention to our environmental habits and behaviors—mainly our excessive use of fossil fuels—and challenges our dependence on them. Here in the U.S., most Americans are tethered to “dirty energy” through our collective energy consumption, using common sources like oil and coal, that pollute our environment and air quality. As much as fossil fuels are commonplace in our daily lives, i.e., our buildings and transportation, it’s important to raise awareness around alternative forms of energy if we are to protect our global energy economy.

We should care about where our energy comes from.

A lack of industry knowledge about other energy resources, including where to get it and how, creates a barrier between our sovereignty (aka global energy independence) and a healthy planet. Instead of letting fossil fuels have a monopoly on your energy supply and paying more for it as a result, you can achieve budget certainty and a positive environmental impact when you lock in your energy prices.

Take control of your energy prices by partnering with Catalyst Power and getting additional energy resources on your business’s property. Our premier product, the Connected Microgrid, is a one-of-kind solution that is cost-efficient and self-sufficient, making it a great option for your business.

With the Connected Microgrid, you can directly consume the energy produced on your property. It’s a behind-the-meter solar solution that earns you immediate savings and we haven’t even gotten to the best part—Catalyst Power will own, operate, and maintain the solar array, so there are no upfront costs for you. Once you sign our long-term (20-25 year) Power Purchase Agreement, we will install the Connected Microgrid for you free of charge.

A Connected Microgrid solution supports your energy independence by providing an on-site energy supply and optional battery storage. Your business is protected from potential power outages, and you can also store the energy for later use as a backup energy supply. You get both financial and non-monetary value all in one product.

Forging your path to energy independence starts with you. Contact one of our energy experts about a Connected Microgrid today! We’ll get you a lower, more reliable price for your energy bill and you can start reducing your energy dependency on fossil fuels.