Why Rooftop Leasing is Great for Business

Is your rooftop currently making you money? If you own commercial property, this is a great opportunity to earn a new revenue stream for your business. Catalyst Power is prepared to lease a portion of your roof to install a large solar array at no cost to you and compensate you with an annual lease payment for the next 20-25 years. That’s right—you can earn a rate as high as $1 per square foot per year, with a 20+ year leasing agreement through us. We offer you an opportunity to earn a new income every month just to be your tenant. We won’t actually live there, but the solar array will!   

The best part? There’s no catch or hidden fees. We build, own, and operate the solar array for you while the energy is sold elsewhere. You get all the financial benefits without having to lift a finger.  

Is your roof a good candidate but in need of repair? Catalyst Power can work the cost of a new roof into the annual rent plan and work alongside you to ensure your business’s normal operations are not affected. What was once an underutilized space has now become your new hotspot for cash and a local asset helping your community reap environmental benefits.  

Leasing your space is actually more friendly on your roof than you would think. There’s no risk of damage courtesy of our non-penetrating ballast-mounted systems and before you ask, no—extreme weather will not render your solar panels ineffective. Your business earns the additional non-monetary value of going solar by demonstrating a commitment to environmental sustainability to your community, which is great PR for you, too. 

Retail Electricity to the Rescue

While you’re monetizing your roof, we also offer customers commercial retail electricity at a competitive rate. You can select custom-priced commercial energy and net-zero natural gas packages that will empower your business while saving you money. Whether you check out our Balanced Portfolio Pricing for increased market security or take advantage of our Fixed Rate package for greater budget certainty, we’re sure you’ll find something that you like and will suit your needs in the long haul. Learn more from our Retail Pricing Buyer’s Guide. 

If you’re curious about just how much the market impacts your business, here’s a word from our CEO on why you should secure stable pricing right now for the long term. 

Let us show you how to take control of your energy costs and take advantage of a no-cost solar analysis on us. We’re sure you’ll see there’s less risk and more reward when you partner with Catalyst Power