Can Your Business Improve Our Air Quality?

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Do you know what doesn’t change? Our need for clean air. That’s what all the fuss is about when you think of climate change and the effects our tall buildings and other man-made constructs have on the environment. It’s true—carbon emissions are a huge threat to our air quality, and they shouldn’t be taken lightly.  

Thankfully, there are some easy options for commercial properties that business owners can take advantage of right now. As a large energy-using segment of the community, commercial and industrial businesses often depend on fossil fuels that, in turn, lead to poor air quality. 

That’s why Catalyst Power is a leading energy service provider that helps your business save money while generating a positive environmental impact. Below are ways your business can help decarbonize our world and reduce its own carbon footprint with our innovative energy supply solutions.   

Real solutions, real results. 

Connected Microgrid – Our Connected Microgrid solution is unique to Catalyst Power. It’s an alternative energy option that offers environmental and financial benefits in both the short and long term. The Connected Microgrid is a smaller version of the power grid that connects you to solar panels (optional battery storage encouraged!) on your property. This on-site service still connects back to the main grid, so your energy reliability is never at risk and the gaps will always be filled by the usual utility. Your business gets outage protection as you consume renewable green energy on location, as well as immediate savings from lower electricity costs and long-term budget certainty.  

Community Solar – Catalyst Power’s Community Solar program is a great way to earn a discounted utility bill. Your business is subscribed to a local solar farm in an off-site location, and you start earning a discount on your monthly bill, typically up to 10% – that's free money with no obligation! Your free, no-hassle subscription will save you money and allow you to begin sourcing your energy sustainably all with no downside (and no panels on your property)!

As with all our solar products and services, Catalyst Power builds, owns, and operates everything for you at no cost to you. 

Electricity rates? We do that, too. 

We offer retail electricity and net-zero clean natural gas packages for your business. We work with you to reduce your business’s risk to volatile energy markets and get you custom pricing. This lets you focus on what to do with the extra money you save now that you’re used to long-term budget certainty. Check out our Balanced Portfolio pricing and other pricing models.  

So, what’s next? 

You don’t have to be Captain Planet to save the environment. You just need a sustainable energy strategy that serves the longevity of your business and your budget. Contact us today and we’ll get you started with a complimentary solar evaluation.