Catalyst Power Launches Energy Storage Solutions for Commercial & Industrial Businesses

Behind the Meter Energy Storage Provides Business with Significant Savings

NEW YORK, Aug. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Catalyst Power Holdings LLC ("Catalyst Power"), an integrated provider of cleaner energy solutions for the commercial and industrial sector, is launching new energy storage solutions for businesses. Its new behind-the-meter energy storage will be integrated as an option in the company's Connected Microgrid product to provide businesses with significant energy savings from load shifting, peak shaving, and other capabilities.

"Energy storage offers businesses the opportunity to realize significant savings thanks to newly available federal tax incentives for storage projects," said Gabriel Phillips, CEO of Catalyst Power Holdings. "We're at a time of tremendous opportunity in the clean energy transition–businesses that take advantage of incentives for solar, storage, EV charging, and other solutions will be reaping rewards for decades to come."

Catalyst Power develops innovative energy supply solutions for commercial and industrial companies, with a focus on a first-of-its-kind network of Connected Microgrids, a no-up-front-cost custom solution using onsite solar panels or batteries, as well as retail power and gas supply. Catalyst Power provides small- to industrial-sized businesses access to distributed generation through its network of Connected Microgrids. The company utilizes a proprietary technology platform that provides a fresh perspective on data to identify, underwrite, fund, and provide solutions to customers while operating more cost-effective onsite energy projects for its retail energy clients.

Businesses interested in partnering with Catalyst Power or learning more can contact:
Phone: 1-888-789-7250

About Catalyst Power Holdings LLC:
Catalyst Power Holdings LLC is an independent, integrated provider of cleaner energy solutions for the commercial and industrial sector through commercial energy, customized Connected Microgrid solutions, and community solar to underserved middle-market commercial and industrial end-use customers, improving the overall efficiency and environmental impact of their supply. Catalyst Power is a portfolio company of BP Energy Partners, LLC. More info:

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