Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Connected Microgrid

Cost Benefit Analysis of a Connected Microgrid

For businesses who own their corporate building or have long-term lease agreements, installing a Connected Microgrid ® is a legitimate, alternative energy option that offers environmental and financial benefits in both the short and long term. Of course, any business owner worth their salt is going to run a cost-benefit analysis before committing to something as enduring and paradigm shifting as building their own energy source. We get that! That’s why we’re running one for you. 

What is a Connected Microgrid? 

A Connected Microgrid is basically a smaller, more sustainable version of the larger power grid. It can produce energy from either a combination of on-site resources (solar and gas) or a single generator (solar or gas) while maintaining a connection to the larger grid. 

If your business were to transition to a Connected Microgrid, Catalyst Power will build, own, and operate the energy source (at no cost to you) and then sell the energy it produces to you at an excellent, reliable price. Now, let’s get to that Cost-Benefit Analysis.


Positive Environmental Impact 

A Connected Microgrid directly increases the percent of renewable energy used in the world which increases demand for renewables and gets us that much closer to a more carbon-neutral world. Your business, customers, and grandchildren’s grandchildren thank you.

PR Benefits of Positive Environmental Impact 

Look, we’re business people, too. We understand that there are ethical reasons for doing something and business reasons for doing it. Luckily, we live in a world right now where doing the right thing for the environment is often the right business decision. Customers care about supporting businesses that share their values, and sustainability is a closely held value! You get points for the planet and points from the public. We wrote a whole blog on it!

Immediate Savings 

Your personal investment in renewables automatically cuts your utility bill down while also reducing your dependence on fossil fuels (whose prices are much more susceptible to market forces - hellooooo massive price spikes).

Budget Certainty 

Plan ahead for your business’ financial future with the confidence that your rates are locked-in with our long term fixed price agreements. You can quit eyeballing the daily price refresh and focus on your business!

Outage Protection 

By generating energy on-site, you support the reliability of the grid and reduce the risk of costly power outages. If you have critical processes that cannot endure a power loss, well, this is for you! And anyone else who just doesn’t want to deal with that.

Not Your Money 

Everything from the installation to the operation of the power source will be the responsibility of Catalyst Power. When we say “at no cost to you,” we mean it. 



Unfortunately, solar panels do not magically appear on business property as soon as the contract is signed. The installation process takes about nine months. 

Having to Explain to People What a Connected Microgrid Is 

Sorry, you can’t avoid this one! When you tap into a revolutionary way to control your energy, people are going to want to talk to you about it. (Don’t worry, we’ll help!) 

Of course we’re biased in favor of Connected Microgrids, but truly, the benefits speak for themselves. It’s a low-risk, high-reward way to take maximum advantage of your business’ long term relationship with their land and building. 

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