Fact vs Myth: The Truth About Rooftop Leasing for Solar

solar panels on rooftop

photo by Pixabay

In today’s climate, we’re faced with a huge energy dilemma. Based on a variety of economic factors, including fluctuating energy prices due to large-scale events like polar vortexes or war, it’s more important than ever to be conscious of our energy decisions. Smart business owners will be looking for ways to offset potential instability with increased revenue streams. Below, we break down some common myths about rooftop leasing and how it can impact your business. 

Myth: Rooftop leasing is expensive. 

Fact: a common misconception about rooftop leasing is that there is a "catch" or a hidden fee. If your roof is in good shape, there’s no financial barrier to signing your business up for a lease - you can monetize it right away. Fortunately, if your rooftop does require more maintenance, this is a great opportunity to get the necessary work done on an underutilized space. Catalyst Power can work the cost of a new roof into the annual rent plan and work alongside you to ensure your business’s normal operations are not affected.   

Myth: solar panels can cause damage to my roof 

Fact: Solar panels typically come equipped with metal or plastic flashing on their mounts for this very reason. Catalyst Power only uses ballast-mounted systems, so your rooftop is not penetrated. Thanks to the growing interest in eco-friendly spaces, it’s more likely that solar panels will increase the value of your business than cause damage to your roof. When you’re installing a solar energy system, your roof will have already been screened by a licensed professional to ensure that it’s in good condition and suitable for solar. Solar panels also keep your roof cool from the sun and can help reduce the temperature inside by up to 35%. Rooftop solar protects your roof from further damage caused by inclement weather making it a great investment for your business.  

Myth: rooftop solar is too complicated and I’ll have to maintain it 

Fact: Despite popular belief, rooftop leasing is not as high maintenance as one might think. The maintenance of your energy systems is best left to the professionals - us! For instance, if you get a rooftop lease through Catalyst Power, there’s no additional labor on your part. Catalyst Power will handle the installation and maintenance at no cost to you. As the array owner, we will operate, maintain, and repair the array. You're in the business of running your business, let us handle the energy. You get the financial benefits without having to lift a finger. 

The real benefit of rooftop leasing.

Probably one of the biggest benefits of rooftop leasing is that you earn a new revenue stream through your new lease. With Catalyst Power, your roof makes you money since we’ll swap cash for space. You become our landlord and as your tenant, we sign a long-term leasing agreement (20+ years) that allows us to build the solar array, uninterrupted.

Is your rooftop currently making you money? With Catalyst Power, you can secure a monthly payment that adds to your bottom line. It’s a great way to get paid to save the environment. Contact us for a free property evaluation.