How a Connected Microgrid Benefits Orchards and Vineyards

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Landowners operate as an essential part of our country’s ecosystem. We see this in how farmers feed their communities and the world at large by the nature of their livelihoods and hard work. As a landowner, a great way to pay yourself back for all your dedication is by adopting solar energy generation for your property. You’ll see great cost savings and more environmental benefits when you opt out of high energy bills and go for a more sustainable energy option.  

Get More Connected with a Connected Microgrid 

First things first: A Connected Microgrid ® solution with Catalyst Power is free. We build, own, and operate the solar array for you at no cost. All those acres of land deserve to be properly preserved and solar energy is a great way to get the most out of your property. As a distributed generation product, our Connected Microgrid is a behind-the-meter solution that grants you access to clean alternative energy and opportunities for peak shaving. That means it’s an onsite solar solution and this is where all the great savings come from (cha-ching). It knocks off those high-demand charges and you can maintain your energy supply with optional battery storage for your property. As a self-sustaining entity, you protect the integrity of your crop, and your pockets take less of a hit.

 If you take on additional battery energy storage with your Connected Microgrid, you’ll have more reliable energy when you need it and unlike other systems, you’re still tied to the grid for most of your energy supply. This is especially great for remote farming locations—you get energy independence without the excessive carbon footprint. A Connected Microgrid solution optimizes the solar energy your farm will produce directly from the customized solar array and discharges it when you need it. Your orchard or vineyard can store all that energy during off-peak hours and use it during high-demand times instead.  

The great thing about our Connected Microgrid is that its benefits aren’t just limited to farms. If you’re a landowner who runs a winery, cidery, pumpkin patch, or orchard, you can reap the benefits of solar energy generated on your farm or property and still enjoy cost savings. Fruit farming, cultivation, or agronomics with solar energy generation can lead to increased profits for your business, cost savings, and expand your operations. An opportunity to use your tasting room as a space to host solar panels can give your winery or orchard a competitive advantage compared to other local businesses. Your customers might appreciate optional EV charging stations at your location. Say hello to the extra shine your business will receive for generating clean energy on-site! 

Orchards in particular benefit greatly from solar energy generation. Our neighbors across the pond are already cashing in: “The results of research carried out in the south of France showed that solar panels installed above apple, cherry, and nectarine plantations reduce heat and contribute to maintaining soil moisture in periods of high temperatures.” If your orchard is part of Cider Week in New York City, consider installing a customized Connected Microgrid solution in time for your next harvest. 

Take it from our CEO, Gabrielle Phillips, in his latest interview with the Entrepreneurs for Impact podcast—when you can identify the benefits of decarbonization, you shift your consumption patterns and become a major player in energy reliability.  

Catalyst Power

Building on the land while reducing carbon emissions goes hand in hand, and if you have an interval meter, you’ll be able to enjoy all those immediate savings from our Connected Microgrid on your monthly energy bill. You support your community and yourself!   

Don’t worry about how to sign up; we have an online portal for that. 

What Are You Waiting For? 

Budget certainty and good PR are as good as any reason to start your journey to resiliency. We’re confident that going solar will enhance your business practices and improve the quality of your produce while you gain great energy savings. Contact our Energy Expert today for more information.