Exploring the Economic and Environmental Benefits of Battery Storage Solutions

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Grid stability is more important than ever. Extreme weather, high energy demand, cyber threats, and other factors have put stress on our electric grid, leaving it vulnerable to risks. Now is the time to seek a reliable and sustainable resource.  

Battery energy storage is designed to support the grid and make it more resilient as more renewable energy technologies continue to advance. Think of battery energy storage as a backup power source; it helps maintain our daily operations when there are issues with the grid.   

Other companies require upfront purchases of equipment and installation fees. With Catalyst Power, like our solar arrays, we will own and operate the battery for you, eliminating the required initial investment! You’ll also save money on operation and maintenance costs.  

On-site Generation 

According to the Center for Sustainable Energy, over 75% of customers who already have solar panels are also interested in battery storage systems. Generating and storing your own power is the definition of energy independence. You offer your business a constant supply of clean energy with more control over your energy consumption. A great example of battery storage at work is the American Samoa island, Ta’u.  Battery storage is especially beneficial if you’re a landowner in a remote location or a fruit farmer who runs a vineyard or orchard

Protect the Environment, Protect Your Business  
The truth of the matter is that carbon emissions are a real thing, and there’s only one real way around them: reducing how much carbon your business can emit. Fossil fuels release a lot of carbon emissions into the environment and result in air pollution that damages our fragile ecosystem, from the plants to the water; overexposure to carbon emissions impacts all of this. Battery energy storage, on the other hand, reduces its effects by collecting and storing energy during off-peak hours for later use, thus flattening the demand curve.  More environmental benefits for you and your community!

High-energy users like commercial businesses account for almost 40% of the energy used in the U.S. When you add battery storage to your energy strategy, you take back control of your carbon footprint with solar power.  
Decarbonizing the environment isn’t just for the bees—it benefits your business, too. Recent instances of natural gas supply disruptions during extreme weather events highlight the vulnerabilities of traditional energy infrastructure. Combining battery energy storage with other renewable energy solutions not only reduces your dependency on fossil fuels, but it enhances the resilience of your existing energy system while keeping the grid operational. Less carbon emissions, less air pollution, and less energy waste keep our buildings energy efficient and create a positive environmental impact.    

Financial Benefits of Battery Energy Storage  

A strong electric grid is what powers entire communities, including your business. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Maintaining a Reliable Future Grid with More Wind and Solarfact sheet, “Energy storage is expected to play an increasing role in meeting peak demand as declining costs, incentives, and mandates have led to significant growth in storage and projections of accelerated growth in the future.”   

When pairing on-site solar with battery storage, you take your resiliency to another level. The combination not only offers a backup energy supply, but it’s a great way to reduce your business’s electricity bills. You can use the energy you already stored to skirt peak demand charges and, ultimately, avoid volatile pricing in the future. You get budget certainty and immediate cost savings without breaking the bank. 

For businesses, high energy consumption translates to hefty utility bills. Adding distributed energy solutions as part of your energy portfolio will grant you significant cost savings now and in the future. Installing a Connected Microgrid ® solution on your property, at no cost to you, saves you the trouble of pricey upfront costs. When you combine the power of solar with battery energy storage, it spares you from expensive, unexpected emergencies. Having a backup energy supply, whether as a standalone or with solar panels, creates more room in your budget by reducing your monthly utility charges.   

Are You Ready? 

Imagine a world where your electricity rates will be lower than they’ve ever been, you’re more in control of where your power comes from, and your business is now a local asset that positively impacts your environment. That dream is closer than you think. 

Storing your own power in exchange for a clean energy supply guarantees budget certainty and immediate cost savings. Catalyst Power will own and operate the battery for you, all you have to do is contact one of our Energy Experts to learn more.