Pros and Cons of a Connected Microgrid

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Every product and service at Catalyst Power is built and maintained with the mid-market business owner in mind. That’s why our Connected Microgrid solution is designed to earn you immediate savings while supporting your energy independence. As your energy service provider, we know distributed generation is a win-win situation for you and your business, yet it’s important for you to know what to expect from a Connected Microgrid on your property before you buy.

Things to Keep in Mind  

There are very few mistakes you can make with going solar, especially with our Connected Microgrid, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Owning solar is costly – if you choose to get a Connected Microgrid without a third-party service provider like Catalyst Power, you’re likely going to cover all the expenses.
  • Regular maintenance is required – for the average business owner, owning and maintaining a solar array without prior industry knowledge can prove to be a hurdle. You’ll have to maintain a system in peak condition to profit from its infrastructure.

Here’s the Good News

Now let’s get to the good part. Here are some of the great financial and environmental benefits of signing up for a Connected Microgrid:

  • The Connected Microgrid is free – As the owner of the solar array, Catalyst Power will install the Connected Microgrid for you. You are not responsible for the cost of materials, labor, or maintenance. We will cover everything and ensure your new system is running smoothly. Your only cost is for the energy produced, locked in with a long-term fixed rate designed to save you money and protect you from ever-increasing price volatility.
  • On-site generation – This is where all the great savings come from. Catalyst Power installs custom-sized, non-penetrating solar panels and optional battery storage on your property. Our Connected Microgrid is a behind-the-meter solution that allows your business to produce and consume renewable energy directly from the solar array. Achieve those ESG goals or simply feel better about how your business operates.
  • Reduces monthly energy bills – Since the Connected Microgrid allows you to generate your own power on-site, that extra energy you’re substituting with clean, renewable energy from your Connected Microgrid helps you avoid high peak costs. You’ll insulate your business from volatile energy prices, resulting in immediate savings from your new, reduced energy bill.
  • Outage protection – Adding battery storage for the Connected Microgrid is optional, but it’s a great way to support your everyday energy consumption. The energy you store using battery storage is saving you from short-term power outages. What’s not to love about a backup energy supply that protects you from costly, unexpected emergencies?

    Are you ready to sign up for a Connected Microgrid? Contact our Energy Experts today and we’ll get you a free solar analysis for your property.