3 Types of Commercial Buildings That Need Solar Now

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It would appear solar is going through a major boom! Now is a great time to add more solar to your property and get ahead of any potential price hikes. With over 22 gigawatts of solar added to the grid last year, solar energy is expected to increase by nearly 52% by the end of 2023. According to the U.S. Solar Market Insight Q3 report by the Solar Energy Industries Association and Wood Mackenzie, policies in the Inflation Reduction Act have encouraged this growth, with more domestic solar module manufacturing on the way. 

We can think of three types of commercial buildings that would make cents (see what we did there) to invest in solar right now.

Medical Facilities   

Adopting solar energy can offer significant benefits to a healthcare facility because of its high energy consumption. As a building that routinely has high-energy needs, be it a hospital, laboratory, medical research facility, etc., your building is filled with medical devices, laboratory and scientific refrigerators, lighting, and other functions that require an immense amount of electricity. Producing your own energy on-site in combination with energy storage can help your facility save more money on high-energy costs. Catalyst Power’s Connected Microgrid is a great solution to add to your existing energy infrastructure. Add in our battery storage and you have an ironclad system to avoid severe outcomes from a lack of services or extreme property damage during a blackout. Single or two-story non-hospital facilities would also benefit from our Rooftop Leasing program. 

Educational Institutions 

School House rocks…solar? Currently, over 8400 public and private schools nationwide use solar energy on-site. We all know keeping schools open can be expensive. Managing your energy expenses and earning great cost savings on your monthly energy bill is smart. All the money you save installing solar panels on your property can go towards more productive means, i.e., creating future clean energy incubators. A report on solar in U.S. K-12 schools noted that “with 1,647 megawatts of installed solar capacity, the nation’s schools generate enough solar energy to power about 300,000 homes each year.” Imagine if every school, even big universities, incorporated more solar into their energy strategy. Like hospitals, schools offer a haven during major grid outages or other emergencies. With solar, Catalyst Power can help you keep the lights on and save money at the same time.  


Your warehouse can save you money or make you money; it’s your choice. With Rooftop Leasing, solar can change the way you earn new income. As a commercial business owner, you have the option to lease your rooftop space when you partner with Catalyst Power. We build non-penetrating, custom-sized solar panels on your roof, at no extra cost. There are no hidden fees with us! Catalyst Power will build, own, and operate the solar array for you, and you skip all the installation and maintenance fees. Every month, while your rooftop solar array generates energy elsewhere, your check is on its way in the mail to you. Every. Month.  

Whether you choose to go with a Connected Microgrid solution or opt for monthly payments through Rooftop Leasing, Catalyst Power is here to help you maximize your building’s potential with solar energy. There’s really no wrong way to go, but we’ll let you decide and guide you through the process. Contact one of our Energy Experts today!