2023 Recap: Our Year in Review

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What a year it was
for renewable energy! The landscape of the solar industry went through
a series of milestones and achievements. Even the challenges facing our transition into a cleaner energy infrastructure post-Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), helped create new manufacturing jobs and more opportunities for leaders in business and local government to partner together on clean energy strategy. 2023 was a year of progress and potential for solar and established a foundation to continue to build towards a brighter future.

A Partner in Progress 
Last year, Catalyst Power made great strides in creating opportunities for more accessible and affordable clean energy. We expanded the geographic footprint of our operations, delivering cleaner energy solutions to new regions and states, while solidifying our networks in current markets. We opened enrollment for the Westmoreland Community Solar Farm in central New York and established a partnership to maximize the marketing, aggregation, and servicing of community solar projects.

We also partnered with the Gates Historical Society for a new 1 MW community solar farm in Rochester. More recently, we launched new energy storage solutions for commercial and industrial users, opening doors for businesses to take advantage of additional savings made available by the IRA. 

The Company That Cares  
One of the highlights this past year was our company offsite. Our team shared insights and accomplishments from one department to another, working in collaboration to enhance your customer experience and the quality of our offerings.  

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Your One-Stop Shop  
Our best blogs of the year were determined by you! You wanted to know more about rooftop leasing, Connected Microgrids, immediate savings, and more. In case you missed ‘em, here they are again:

In 2024, we’re focused on bringing you more opportunities to upgrade your energy strategy and will continue to show up for you the best way we know how: real results from real people with quality service. Thank you for being such an integral part of our growth in 2023.

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